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Purpur sees itself as a room for new musical creations, as a platform, which enables seemingly the impossible, anyhow, innovations. This challenge is taken by a keen, inventive and very creative Team without reservations and fitted with the experience and knowledge of many implemented projects. We conceptualize festivals, single concerts and concert series and we design appropriate and informative websites for our projects. But, in the first line we want to create events. One of our most elaborate and biggest projects was the OAO, the Orchestra Academy Ossiach, which fell a victim to the general economic situation in the end. Purpur wants to revolutionise, to rebel, but not by razing traditions – no, we want to explore new avenues and meet interested people, where they are waiting for us, aware or unaware. With those, who let themselves in for our experiments, we are going to open musical dimensions, whose existence was vaguely perceptible. 

We consider it as our duty to explore new areas in the field of music, which have led a shadowy existence so far. We challenge limits, limits of the so-called art or serious music. We treasure the early music and we have already gained various experience in this sector. It’s the same with the classical period, which we admire as well. We love the Romantic, which enabled new opportunities in so many of its genres. And we swear by the new or contemporary music, which made true, what had been unthinkable during so many centuries. We concentrate on the music, the program and its interpreters and we try to work with the surrounding, to combine music, room and time in one moment, to meld the composition’s beginning and its ending. We use the exploration of new concert locations as well as extraordinary “means” that are designed to address other, yes, all human senses to make the music original and to enable the surprise, the uniqueness, the creation and recreation. 



HAYDN 100&7 (2009)
WWW.HAYDN107.COM (2009)
Cooperation with FESTIVAL KVARNER (2010)