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Klangwerkstatt Purpur association - Vienna
Chairman und director: Dr. Michael Fendre 

Publisher: Klangwerkstatt Purpur association
Person responsible for the layout: Dr. Michael Fendre

Details Klangwerkstatt Purpur association
Number of association: 159493052 

Bank details Klangwerkstatt Purpur association:
BKS Bank 
Sort code: 17000 
Account number: 150047048 
IBAN: AT231700000150047048 

Design: NOAH


Image credits:
Klangwerkstatt Purpur; Robert W. Sackl-Kahr SagostinEmilie Lauwers

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The right to alter or delete personal data saved by Purpur

Customers can at any time withdraw their agreement to the processing and use of their personal data, or can alter their data. It is sufficient to send a mail with a request for alteration to the email contact address of the website.

Purpur’s right to alter this statement of data protection 

Purpur reserves the right to alter this statement of data protection at any time, in observance of  the respective valid data protection regulations.